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We offer meaningful internships at non-profit organisations for passionate international students and graduates looking to start a career in the development sector. These internships make a positive difference, while giving you the opportunity to gain vital work experience and college credit. Find out more about what we do »  … and click here to check out our blog!

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Camille Serrano

Massachusetts, USA

Camille Serrano tells us about her experience interning with an arts organisation in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

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Why you should NOT worry about Ebola when on an if i could… internship adventure in Cape Town!

It has been well-documented that only three countries in the continent have been affected, so the simple answer is NO – it has not come to South Africa – and it is highly unlikely that it would, given the precautions being taken. No cases have been reported in South Africa, nor any neighbouring countries. It is a very safe destination to choose for your internship

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