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We offer meaningful internships at non-profit organisations for passionate international students and graduates looking to start a career in the development sector. These internships make a positive difference, while giving you the opportunity to gain vital work experience and college credit. Find out more about what we do »  … and click here to check out our blog!

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The reason I chose Cape Town was because of if i could…! When I was searching for internships, I was not set on a specific location. I was mainly interested in women’s advocacy and the way that if i could… spoke about women’s advocacy was close to what I was looking for.

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Intern Outing: Blisters for Bread

In 1968, staff members and learners from the Savio College in Lansdowne, along with the Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA), started a fun walk to raise funds for their school feeding programme. Since their initial efforts were so successful, it was decided to stretch the boundaries and have a BIG walk, in which school staff and learners as well as the community were invited to participate. At this point, PSFA took over the ownership and responsibility of Blisters for Bread.

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