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We offer meaningful internships at non-profit organisations for passionate international students and graduates looking to start a career in the development sector. These internships make a positive difference, while giving you the opportunity to gain vital work experience and college credit. Find out more about what we do »  … and click here to check out our blog!

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Sarah Farah Ahktar

“Thank you so much for the amazing experience you gave me in Cape Town. Everything from the intern outings to my interaction with each and every one of you is something I will treasure forever. Being here, through this programme, has helped me grow and taught me so much.”

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The latest from our blog

if i could… Joins the GoGlobal Expo!

We are preparing for the GoGlobal Expo in Boston this Sunday, 28 September – our first major international expo to share information about our life-changing internships in the South Africa and India development sectors!

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