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Looking to gain the international experience you need to get into your dream graduate program, break into the field of international development, fastrack your career path, or make a mid-career transition? We can help.

We offer a wide range of customized internship placements – based on your goals and interests – and we connect you with established organisations where you can build the skills and network you need to cultivate a meaningful career. Find out more about what we do and click here to check out our blog.

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Jennifer Moran


Jennifer interned in Cape Town in 2016 and talks about her exciting experience here. Get your adventure started by applying for an internship today.

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Why the world is traveling to New Delhi in 2017

Why the world is traveling east to India this year, and why you should be too. The bustling country of India has seen a sudden, yet not-so-surprising rise in tourism in the last year. In New Delhi alone, foreign tourist arrivals notched up a 6.8% growth in January 2016 as […]

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