Sherin Varghese – Oxford to New Dehli – Internship 2017

26 October 2017

Sherin Varghese, from the UK, has completed her Psychology Internship in New Delhi, India through the if i could… internship program.  Before leaving the UK, Sherin’s impression about New Delhi was filled with warnings from friends and family about her safely in New Delhi, however, her academic research required her to go. What followed over the next few months was a surprising and life-altering experience in  

One of her most memorable moments was her arrival in New Delhi. Feeling lost and scared on her first day, she met Vidushi, the if i could… program advisor who gave her a warm welcome and became a great support. Vidushi led the orientation and was a social butterfly who introduced everyone else she crossed paths with. Sherin soon realized that many of the preconceptions were untrue and she started to get out, explore and having fun.

Sherin’s day as an intern typically included assisting in office work, meeting patients, making trips to hospitals and de-addiction centres, working on different projects and providing valuable feedback to personnel. A major highlight of her trip was meeting local children through her work, with as well as forming close connections with other interns. “Being part of an organisation that makes such a big difference and working with them has been a life-changing experience for me and keeping that connection is what I will take home with me,” she says of her internship at the host organisation.

Sherin had expressed New Delhi in 5 words/phrases:


Sherin had praised if i could… staff for planning and organizing a perfect trip and placing her in a perfect internship. Her one thing not to miss in New Delhi – the FOOD!  

Sherin’s dream is to start an NGO in India and after her learning journey within the development sector in India, she has gained better understandings and learnings of how to practically reach her dream. Sherin is heading back to Oxford University where she will complete her Doctorate and then start making her dreams come true.

She leaves other interns with the most important advice: “EAT A LOT OF FOOD, SHOP YOUR HEART OUT AND HAVE FUN!”

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