What We Do

We take the time to understand your goals, find the ideal internship, and meet your support needs to ensure that you get the most out of your internship in Cape Town, South Africa or New Delhi, India. We will guide and advise you as you work out your budget and make travel arrangements, and help you secure accommodation. We meet you on arrival, introduce you to your host organisation, connect you with other interns and help you have an amazing and transformative experience.

Working with Purpose

Our internship programme is a specialised service of Creative Consulting & Development Works. We are a long-standing consultancy dedicated to the development sector. All our work is aimed at strengthening non-profit organisations (NPOs) and government development agencies. In addition to our intern programme, we are involved in an exciting range of research, monitoring and evaluation, facilitation, training and communication projects that help NPOs deliver services that improve people’s lives.

Our Values

We believe in…

  • Working with purpose – We are committed to using our skills and talents to create a better world.
  • Excellence – We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and effectiveness.
  • Ethics – We work in a way that is always principled, just and honourable.
  • Development – We have faith in the potential for growth, improvement and advancement of both the individual and society.
  • Expertise – We are ongoing learners and are dedicated to being knowledgeable specialists in our field.

The team behind if i could...

if i could… is the specialist internship programme of Creative Consulting & Development Works. Our passionate team works closely with non-profit organisations, and we leverage our extensive network in the development sector to find the ideal internship for you.

Click on a team member's job title to read their full bio.

Lindy Briginshaw

Founder and Director

Lindy has worked extensively in the development sector and has over 25 years professional experience in strategic planning and management, organisational development, budgeting, marketing and producing communication products, campaigns and strategies.

Michaela Luckner

Business Development Associate

Michaela has years of hands on experience in project management, including business strategies, creative input at the concept level, design, research and strategic implementation, sourcing, production, costing, distribution and legal aspects.

Stephanie toe Water

Senior Programme Coordinator

Stephanie manages the intern journey from the moment someone applies, including continuous in-country support and logistical leadership.

Nina Hanedoes

Senior Programme Coordinator

Nina has developed her skills over the past 8 years, including strong experience in international and grassroot development programme management, facilitation and training, programme and curriculum design and mentorship and coaching.

Beronisha Cloete

Office Assistant

Beronisha holds a Btech Degree in Entrepreneurship (Cum Laude) from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She assists in the smooth running of the office as well as supports the internship programme, if i could…

Vidushi Malhotra

Communications and Programme Assistant

Vidushi has six years of communication experience, including four years of strong experience in the development sector. As a social entrepreneur, she has curated and executed various projects in India, South Africa and Bhutan.

Anubhav Razdan

New Delhi Operations Consultant

Anubhav started out by organising volunteer projects, with people from across India and the world. Consulting with the if i Could… programme enables him to do something he loves – helping people discover new cultures and have great experiences in a foreign country.

Chido-Vanessa Dandajena

Content Creator

Chido has developed content writing skills over the past four years, including strong destination and social media marketing.

Monica Davies

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Monica worked as a social media manager, web editor and regional digital campaigner for environmental NGOs for four years before moving into marketing.

Carmen Sylvester

Office Supervisor

Carmen has experience in finance, international recruitment, certification of documents and medical exams for the Cape Town High Court, and she previously worked for Dynamix Learning Solutions for two years.

Nuraan Kader

Finance Manager

Nuraan has developed strong financial and accounting skills over the past twenty years, including experience in the auditing sector.

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