Alec Wright – From Boulder, Colorado to New Delhi, India – Internship 2017

6 November 2017

Alec Wright is from the United States and interned at a teaching and education organization in New Delhi, India.

Alec has always been fascinated by Indian culture, which made New Delhi a great option and also came highly recommended by one of his family members. Like many first time travelers to India, Alec thought he would have a hard time navigating through the city and dealing with crime and unsafe conditions. However, like all people who fall in love with the bustling city, his experience was exactly the opposite.

A typical day at his host organization included observing teachers giving lessons,  teaching some of the classes and spending time getting to know the learners. Alec loved interacting with the kids and staff and became close friends with the volunteers at his work organization. 

The biggest lesson that Alec takes away from his internship and learning journey is that grasping the attention of a large energetic classroom is not about overpowering and being strict, but rather about being respectful and genuine. Engaging with the kids on a true and genuine level, and caring about their education, will enable you to get your lesson across successfully. He had learned that one needs to possess qualities such as being light-hearted, open-minded, tolerant and especially patient with large classrooms of eager children.

Alec on an intern outing with fellow interns Sherin and Jess (left) and New Delhi Programme advisor, Vidushi.

Some of the major highlights of his trip included visiting the Taj Mahal and traveling to Nepal. Although the heat was difficult to deal with and he ran into communication mishaps at times because he did not speak Hindi, everything from his internship to his travel experience went smoothly. if I could… played an integral part in arranging great accommodation where he felt at home instantly, and enjoyed spending time with the host family and friends. The biggest treat? The delicious food that he enjoyed while exploring the vibrant city.

Alec has returned home to the USA where he will be completing his degree and is hoping to further travel the world soon!

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