Newlands Beer tasting on International Beer day

11 August 2016

Newlands Brewery – the home of South African beer – is the oldest brewery in Africa, with an expansive and intertwined history that dates back to the days of voyager Jan van Riebeeck in the 1650s.


On the Friday the 5th of August, which happened to be International Beer Day, the if i could… team and interns went on an outing to the Newlands Brewery for a tour and tasting. It was rather interesting to be told about the history of South African Breweries and the heritage of beer in South Africa because, as a nation, South Africans are generally loyal beer drinkers.

20160805_142521Our tour guide informed us that Castle Lager and Black Label are the most common brands consumed. You don’t actually realise the process of making beer and getting it from raw malt & hops to the final finished bottled product we find on the shelves in stores. In that respect, it was a fantastic experience to see and hear first-hand what goes down “behind the scenes” at SAB. The guide was impressive in terms of his knowledge and passion, and kept us all engaged with his stories about how the largest brewery came about and offered much insight to the brand that we wouldn’t ordinarily know.


As we were taken into the Brewhouse, we were introduced to the 4 core ingredients required to brew their award-winning beers: these are water, malt, maize, and hops. These ingredients are pulled together through the brewer’s yeast, which is not included as an ingredient on the label as it is removed during the process of filtration. We were then taken through the packaging process: starting from empty cases being lifted onto pallets, empty bottles being washed and filled again, being labelled and being packed back onto the pallets and then cased for delivery.

After a rather informative and fun tour of the brewery, we certainly worked up a thirst and so headed down to the bar area to get ready for the much anticipated ‘Beer Tasting’.

20160805_150927We tasted 5 of the brewery’s most well-known beers: Castle Lite, Castle Milk Stout, Flying Fish, Black Label and local craft beer,Newlands Spring Passionate Blond.  With each tasting, our guide explained how that particular beer was made, its unique flavours and aromas as well as the weight and colour of the beer and then the difference between lagers, ales and ciders.

It was actually quite similar to wine tasting in terms of etiquette where you would smell the beer first, sway the glass under your nose, and then give it a swirl while placing your hand on the top of the glass. Thereafter, you would again breath in the scent of the beer which allows you to fully appreciate the intense flavours and aromas. The next and final step would be the best part of course… to taste.

After the formal tasting was over, we were each offered two beers of our choice to then enjoy the rest of the afternoon in good company! A great day out was had by the group, many laughs were had and we are all looking forward to the next adventure.


What’s news this month – July 2016

6 July 2016

July welcomes the most extreme of the seasons: full blown Winter in Cape Town and sweltering Summer in New Delhi!And with this, we also welcome a few newcomers to both cities and are sure that some memorable experiences will be had by all and long-lasting friendships formed.


In the past few weeks,we have welcomed 2 new interns: one to Cape Town & one to New Delhi:

Sloan Tandet recently arrived in Cape Town from Birmingham in Alabama, USA & studies at The College of William and Mary in Virginia. She has double majors in psychology and public health so she has joined one of our public health hosts

Winnie Atim has recently joined Mary in New Delhi. Winnie is from New York, USA and studies at Syracuse University in New York.
Her major is in public health and her internship focus is on public health/animal welfare.


And then later this month we have the following interns arriving:

  • Jennifer Moran  from the USA  and Louise Pere from France both joining one of our women’s rights hosts here in Cape Town
  • Kaiwen Guo also born in China but living in the USA joining one of our Human Rights hosts in Cape Town
  • Camille de Vos from Australia joining one of our Public health hosts in Cape Town
  • Heidi Hayashi from Japan who is going to New Delhi to join one of our gender equality hosts.


Language Classes:

Our Xhosa lessons continue every second Friday and have proven a hit with our current group. Think it may be MKu’s jokes that keeps them entertained.

We will have our Hindi classes starting this month in New Delhi.These language classes are held by Neeru Malhotra, a New Delhi native, at her home. She has a strong educational background and will be focusing on basic conversation and Indian culture. We will be sure to share some videos around these in the coming weeks.

Scheduled Outings this month:

We are all heading to the V&A waterfront this week to watch Independence Day in honour of the 4th of July and then, towards the end of July, we will all be heading to the Woodstock Brewery for a beer tasting.

In between all the action, we will be celebrating the iconic late Nelson Mandela’s birthday on the 18th of July by giving back 67minutes of service to a community cause which we will do a full story on in our next issue.

In New Delhi, Mary has recently visited Agra & the Taj Mahal and they are all planning a few more trips this month once the new intern arrive, which we will share with you too.

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Magical New Delhi – The journey so far with Mary…

4 July 2016

First meal post airport pickupA few weeks ago one of our latest New Delhi recruits, Mary Parker Wolfe, arrived in New Delhi for the very first time to complete her upcoming 3 month internship with one of our long standing Public Health  & Human Rights hosts.

Mary is from Memphis,Tennessee in the USA and had never been to India before, so I am sure you can imagine her excitement and that this must have been quite a culture shock to her.


Luckily, we have all hands on deck with our amazing team on the ground both in Cape Town and New Delhi(Jess & Anubhav) offering her round the clock support, and helping her become familiar with her new home and surroundings over the next few months.

at work IMG_0509 Out in the garden at work IMG_0513 Lunch at Nehru Place Social

We caught up with Mary and here is what she had to say about her trip so far:

Mary’s trip so far

As you can see she has already entrenched herself into the local culture making new friends and enjoying the well-known tourist destinations in her free time. She highly recommends a trip to Agra to see the Taj and will be sharing more of her adventures with us during her stay.

We have Winnie, also from the USA, joining Mary  this month too at the same organisation so are looking forward to hearing more about how they are making a difference to the Indian development sector.


Taj Mahal with new friends

When in in India… The Taj Mahal in all its glory



4th of July Offer

4 July 2016


In the spirit of giving this Mandela Month, we would like to extend a special offer in celebration of the 4th of July to all of you looking to book your international internship to either Cape Town or New Delhi.

If you get in touch with us today – 4th of JULY- ONLY, we would like to offer you a $200 discount on your internship fee once all finalised.

Terms & Conditions.

All applications have to be received on 4th of July 2016 only. (we will take into account the USA time difference for cut off.)

offer ends at 11:59 of the 4th of July 2016

Any later applications will be eligible for the July promotion of $100 off.

We look forward to hearing from you!



It’s July and we are giving back in the spirit of Mandela Day!

1 July 2016


With our world in so much turmoil at the moment, and with so many political and developmental issues weighing down on our countries and communities – both locally and internationally – we thought we would take the month of July to celebrate what it means to take ones circumstances and turn them around to evoke positive change.

And what better reason to do so, than to celebrate a man who stood for just that. President Nelson Mandela (Madiba as he is fondly known to most) was not only an international Icon, he was the father of our nation. With his middle name being “Rolihlahla,” which is Xhosa for “troublemaker,” it is no surprise that our Madiba was the troublemaker who changed the world because of he refused to stay down in the face of terrible injustice. He dared to believe that he had the power to make a change as he fought apartheid in South Africa. And he did so with peace and love.

With Mandela Day coming up on the 18th of July, we decided that we would like to help YOU give back too by helping you make your international internship journey easier and giving you $100 off the placement fees this month.

The work you will be doing during your internship within the Cape Town and New Delhi communities will change lives forever! Which is exactly why the whole month of JULY dedicated to Madiba and the spirit of giving back! Hopefully  we too can add to a positive wave of change.


  • The offer is valid for the month of July 2016 only and will end at 11:59pm on 31st of July 2016.
  • This offer cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offers running at the same time.

Please  contact our amazing team for further details on how we can help you make your international internship dream a reality.

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