NY Times Hip Cities Special

18 November 2011

The New York Times included Cape Town in its list of “Hip Cities That Think About How They Work.”

Amongst a list of top-notch locations such as Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Berlin, Cape Town was highlighted and commended for its efforts to be environmentally friendly, active, vibrant and take large strides in reducing crime and violence.

The article highlights:

Wedged between sea and mountain, Cape Town’s natural setting is stunning. Nor does the city — with its colorful neighborhoods, historic sites, and easy charm — disappoint.

It goes on to mention the city’s 3.5 million residents as it becomes one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

Other fun mentions include:

Four major universities and many research institutes make Cape Town one of the continent’s bustling research centers. Named the 2014 World Design Capital last month, the city government is encouraging a cluster of design and creative firms in a neighborhood called the Fringe. The 2010 World Cup of soccer was a boon for infrastructure, especially public transportation. A new bus system, with dedicated lanes, has been rolled out in recent years to keep the many suburbs connected and alleviate crushing traffic.

Very favorable mention…go Cape Town!!

Table Mountain: Newest 7 Wonder of the World

16 November 2011

Hooray! We all know it, but after campaigns, advocacy awareness, and website promotions, the rest of the world has made their decision to include Cape Town’s infamous Table Mountain as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

This is HUGE news for the Western Cape.

The Vote for Table Mountain campaign first created THIS video when we were made aware that we became a finalist:

Table Mountain: New7Wonders of Nature finalist from Flow Communications on Vimeo.

After hundreds and thousands of votes, the committee made the decision to include Table Mountain. Watch their announcement video:

The New 7 Wonders of Nature are:

1. Amazon

2. Halong Bay

3. Iguazu Falls

4. Jeju Island

5. Komodo

6. Puerto Princesa Underground River

7. Table Mountain

Spokesman Martin Jansen van Vuuren, added the following:

“South Africa will gain an additional 108,000 international tourists a year due to the increased exposure of Table Mountain as a New 7 Wonder,” he said.

“The value of this tourism increase is estimated to be approximately R1.4 billion per year for the first five years following the inclusion.”


(images in this article sourced from the internet)

South Africa Jetsetter: A year of travel in review

11 November 2011

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We found this great article on The Huffington Post highlighting top travel for the year. Coming in at #3 was the one-and-only, South Africa! The post highlighted Cape Town’s infamous beaches, a chance to see the Big 5, and venturing out east to Victoria Falls, among other things.

Great to see that South Africa, and the Southern Africa region, are receiving their well-deserved publicity.

Check out the article HERE:


& if that’s not enough, The New York Times‘ travel blog highlighted a 36 hours in Cape Town review:


Intern Reflection: the importance of summer internships!

21 October 2011

The article “A Guide for Summer Interns: Your Personal Matrix” by Jodi Glickman is published on HBR blog website on July 6th. Great timing as it is almost the half way (maybe now almost the end) of our summer internships. The main message Glickman conveys is that we are in the driver’s seat of our careers and what we get from our summer internships is in our hands. She suggests making a current situation and a wish list matrix which includes people we worked with and people we think they might serve as mentors to us. This will show us the outline of how to go from point A to point Z. Filling gaps between point A and Z is our new task that we can share and discuss with our mentors/colleagues. I think it is a great opportunity to create a strategy for the rest of our internships. Moreover, as what we want to do is a concrete document now it will keep our minds focused.

No one will practice and learn everything doing an internship in summer however it is one of the best ways to put our knowledge into practice, learn more and sharpen our skills. This is important not only for our own personal development and for our career but also for the future of the world as we all are ambassadors of development and peace. I believe that keeping our minds focused and getting the most from the internship to honor all resources poured on us and all efforts we put forth until today is the least we can do.


Dear World Wide Web

6 October 2011

Dear World Wide Web,

I am soooo excited to get out!  The chilly weather in Cape Town has kept me hiding under a blanket for a few days, but next week is Pecha Kucha 20×20!  Sooo excited.

“Pecha Kucha takes place in over 420 cities worldwide. Devised for people to meet, network, and show their work in public. The presentations are 20 images X 20 seconds each.” (more…)

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