Development Through Education

6 January 2012

An interesting article was posted in the Mail&Guardian newspaper recently highlighting the importance of knowledge and innovation. It spoke about the impact of education on the development of a country and compared South Africa’s statistics to those of the other Brics nations that include Brazil, Russia, India and China. It covers the strategy of a development document put together by the National Planning Committee. According to the strategy titled “the 2030 vision”, emphasis must be placed on innovation  and stems from a belief that the development of knowledge at tertiary level is key to the overall economic performance of a country.

This development through education is further emphasized by goals of doubling the number of scientists, quadrupling the number of doctoral graduates as well as increasing the number of doctoral staff at universities from the current 34% to 75%. The interesting point to note here is the length of time that this plan has been given to take place when compared to the success and progress of a country like Brazil who have put similar measures in place to spark technological advancement in their country rather than just continuing to lose its intellectual capital to first world nations.

With South Africa being the most junior member of the Brics collective, its clear that we will be needing to punch way above our weight if we plan on becoming a giant amongst the developing nations of the world. Brazil and China’s economic growth is proof that education is instrumental to development and that there is no reason why it should take a country with a much older and established range of quality tertiary institutions so long to obtain the targets they have set out.

Below is a link to the full article on the M&G website:

Rachel shares her internship experience with us

23 December 2011

It’s been an exceptional year for us at Development Works and the if i could… internship program keeps going from strength to strength. At the moment one of our current interns, Rachel, who has been with us for the past 2 months now has only had great things to say about her media internship at Heart Radio in Cape Town.


“I have been in South Africa for exactly two months now, but I feel like it’s been ages. Let’s say about eight months; I feel like I am already part of the country; I feel like I shouldn’t even be exited about it. Why do I feel this way?

 My colleagues at work at Heart radio, at Creative Consulting and Development Works (if I could…), friends I stayed with at the back packers lodge and not to forget even those I met on the streets while going about my business in the city, all played a huge and magnificent and tremendous role in the time I’ve spent in the country thus far.

 I have opened my eyes and heart to various things I found here in South Africa -the culture, the people, the unpredictable weather that caught me unprepared when I arrived (oh my!), name it and the good news is, it’s not going to stop here. I will certainly take such type of discipline wherever I go.

 My experience here has been wonderful and I have to take time to get this message out of so people can actually come here and know what I’m talking about. I feel so good right now. I am proud of myself that I have accomplished a great task and I am ready to face whatever may come my way not just because of my internship and the way it has shaped me, but also because of the people I met here.

 My supervisor, Melani Jones jokingly told me that I have changed (with an angry face, by the way!). Now, to her she was kidding, but to me I never took it as a joke, because in deed I feel I have changed, for the better. I am not the quiet and boring Rachael who came into the office the first day, but I am now the Rachael whose personality has been better shaped for the real, hectic and vibrant world. I learnt this from Mel and the rest of the breakfast team at the radio station. I’m not too sure if I would have learnt this elsewhere, but every experience I’ve had here has got something different to learn from!

 I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Lindy, Jessica, Michelle and the entire team at Creative Consulting and Development Works (if I could…) for this wonderful and brilliant opportunity, you are absolutely, without doubt impacting this world greatly!

 Melani Jones, Phat Joe, Julian Naidoo, Francois, Nick Feinberg , Gavin,Vernon and the entire Heart radio for not only this great opportunity, but also shaping me to be a competitive and outstanding person.

 My entire family for making this happen!


Thank you!


To you all, whatever success I will hold will not only be mine but yours as well!”


 With love,



Intern Chatter: Working at Heart 104.9FM

25 November 2011

Many times, we tune to our favorite radio station and listen to the content being read and shared by presenters or rather our much loved presenters. Honestly speaking, even I was like that just before I got the opportunity to intern with Heart radio. I took things for granted. The best thing I did was to just listen laugh, criticize (which is OK) and turn off the radio when I felt like turning it off- I thought radio was a piece of cake!

Working with Heart radio has changed my thoughts and behavior towards life, but let me not go there yet.

I work with the “Phat Joe morning breakfast show” so ultimately I start my day very early than I normally do when I am back in school; I walk some distances to catch up with a cab which at such a time is the only available and closest means of transport and then head to Heart radio where as soon as I check into the production room where I operate from, phone callers from different callers, awaits me. One call after the other, one call after the other, until the breakfast show is done for the day- this can be overwhelming, but the experience is certainly rewarding! This is just part one, by the way!

Looking for content that Phat Joe can read on air and deciding which promos should be used is another task altogether. It’s not just getting any content, but the content I get has to be able to match our target audience’s interest, be interesting and produce responsiveness from our listeners. This is what I normally accomplish as a production intern, together with my fellow teammates, Melanie and Francois. It’s come to my attention that production is about creativity and the energy in you. Unfortunately, it can’t take on a subtle personality.

I am sent out to the streets to interview different people and extract their opinions on the daily breakfast show and also find out what they think about the characters of the breakfast team which includes Phat Joe, Nick and Julian. My first trial was petrifying, but the second trial was terrific and has completely shaped my personality and skills into something substantial and distinctive.

Last Friday 18th, I was assigned and as well given the opportunity to interview a new music artists like “Claudia  Mohr”- who launched her album-“GO IT ALONE”,  at The Fugard theatre here in Cape Town where I  managed to interview not only Claudia Mohr, but her entire family and invited guests. It was such an amazing experience especially  for my first interview. I was nervous, but I did it!

I am waiting and looking forward for more tasks that can challenge me and eventually unchallenged me!


Photos: Black Tuesday & Secrecy Bill Protest

23 November 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011, was a big day for South Africa as journalists and citizens came together to protest the passing of the ‘Secrecy Bill.’ This piece of legislation would give the South African government the right to withhold information from its citizens and prosecute journalists who share information that may be seen as a threat to the government.

To South Africans, this passing is a step backwards in what was a once-attempt toward a democratic country.

It’s a major issue at the moment, and if you are at all interested in human rights, communications, and social justice, it is something worth reading about!

To learn more, check out some blog posts:

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As well, some of our If I Could…staff members attended the protest at Parliament. Check out some photos of the event:




















‘Black Tuesday’ – Nov. 22, 2011

22 November 2011

Today marks ‘Black Tuesday,’ a movement that protests against the passing of the ‘protection of information bill,’ also known as the ‘secrecy bill.’

According to the African National Congress, they need to update ‘apartheid-era legislation safeguarding valuable information by all organs of state.’

It’s being hugely debated around the world, and heavily protested within South Africa.

To learn more, read the Guardian’s article here:

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