Dear World Wide Web

6 October 2011

Dear World Wide Web,

I am soooo excited to get out!  The chilly weather in Cape Town has kept me hiding under a blanket for a few days, but next week is Pecha Kucha 20×20!  Sooo excited.

“Pecha Kucha takes place in over 420 cities worldwide. Devised for people to meet, network, and show their work in public. The presentations are 20 images X 20 seconds each.” (more…)

Welcome to our blog!

1 October 2011

We’ve launched our new internship blog and we couldn’t be more excited! Housed on this page you’ll find all sorts of info related to South Africa, the development sector, and most importantly, your internship programme.

Soon, this blog will be your one-stop-shop for comprehensive news, fun facts, and updates. As we scour the news and read about current affairs, we’ll post them onto the blog as part of our ‘thoughts incubator’ series and hope to generate discussions that will challenge your thoughts, open your mind, and educate you about different initiatives.

As development hopefuls and practitioners, it’s important to keep challenging ideas and learn about current happenings. Soaking in all this knowledge will directly impact your day-to-day work with your organization. We’ve quickly learned that Cape Town is nothing short of excitement and constant adventure. With that, it can also be a bit daunting to scour news and tourist sites for upcoming events in the Western Cape.

Visit our blog frequently for postings on future events and our recommendations of must-see’s and must-do’s! Lastly, we’ll be posting information related to your internship programme — including profiling your host organizations, adding helpful hints, and highlighting different interns within the programme.

This particular section and series will equip you with as much information to make your internship experience as profound as possible. It’ll also give you insight into the other interns and what other cool organizations are doing in the area.

So in short, stay tuned! Keep checking back for photos, events, updates, and forums on all things related to Cape Town, the development sector, and your internship experience. — Enjoy!

**This is a collaborative effort, so please shoot us an email or leave us a comment below with story ideas, current news tips, or if you’d like to contribute as a guest blogger!**

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