Creative ways to fund your New Delhi or Cape Town internship

10 July 2015

Travelling abroad is one of the most exciting and enriching parts of life. Visiting new countries can help broaden your horizons and open doors to new friends and contacts all over the world. We understand that an experience abroad can be challenging, but we have sourced some great tips for you to fund your internship.


Beautiful BoKaap in Cape Town – our intern house is located just a few blocks away! Photo from

Reach out to the community

“There are lots of people in the community that like to give to a cause, but not without a constructive agenda and a clear reason for doing it, ”says Romeal Watson, Internship Coordinator at Eastern Washington University, “Some like to know that the person’s goal is constructive, and that [the funds] will be used to support or to either continue their constructive work, or to further their involvement by gaining particular experiences .” It is always important to detail what the funds will be used for, so that people know where their investment is headed.


New Delhi at night – one of the amazing sights you will get to experience on your internship in New Delhi! Photo by Furquan A Siddiqui

Talk to your advisor

Study Abroad and Career Services offices are a great resource as they have experience directing students to travel financing options .


Your advisor is a great resource to help plan your internship abroad! Photo courtesy of Monroe Community College

The if i could… team is dedicated to providing pre-arrival and in-country support to make sure you have a wonderful experience with us in Cape Town or New Delhi. We have put together a comprehensive guide to funding your internship and expenses abroad! Our network of contacts at universities have shared their insights with us, and we are looking forward to sharing those tips with you once you’ve secured your internship deposit. Contact us today at to set up a Skype appointment and find out more!



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