Finding adventures in and around Cape Town

18 November 2016

20160902_154748by Camille de Vos, who’s interning in Cape Town

At the beginning of this week, I was regaling a friend of mine with tales of the weekend. While I was covering Sunday afternoon’s hike, an adventure we hoped would take four hours but ended up being five and a half, he broke into laughter and exclaimed ‘Wow, you really are living the life.” After stopping and reflecting on that, I realised I really am living the life, whatever it is that phrase means.

Not only do I have an incredible internship opportunity, which has opened so many different doors and opportunities for me professionally, each and every moment is filled with adventure.

Reflecting on all the adventures I’ve had here in this vibrant city, they are all so different yet so wonderful at the same time. I’ve travelled on the back of a motorbike to catch the sunset from Signal Hill, hunted down fantastic restaurants to catch a delicious meal and hiked up Lion’s Head during a full moon. Other times I have piled in the back of a car with friends to head out of town to go horse riding, followed by a marvelous lunch and wine tasting in the winery next door. I’ve discovered banana bread French Toast for breakfast and discussed the meaning of life beneath the light of the super moon.

Being in another place and open to the new experiences that come with it, anything can happen. You may even find yourself baking cookies at 11pm on a Wednesday evening.

No matter what your interests are, Cape Town will definitely have something to fit into your taste. If you’re a more active person you can always find a hike to do, go surfing or even paragliding. If that isn’t really suited to your taste, you can very easily find a restaurant that serves up some tasty food and a great wine to go with it, or you could head out of town a bit and go wine tasting at one of the many wineries in the region.

Vines for miles

Within town you can also visit the “old school” Labia theatre for a movie, check out the art galleries and shops on Bree street as they open up on the first Thursday evening of each month. Over the weekends various markets are running, offering more great food and a range of different crafts, clothing and other fascinating items.


Adventure is there, waiting for all who are willing to grab it. Breathe in the good vibes of Cape Town and hold on tight as you ride the waves of adventure as it comes your way.

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