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idealistWe set up this page just for you, as a quick guide to if i could…, who we are and our services.

As you may already know from reading our profile on idealistif i could… is a specialised internship programme within the development sector, for international students and graduates to gain profound and life-enriching experiences in Cape Town, South Africa and New Delhi, India. We connect talented people like you with established NGOs, so you can gain professional experience for a future in the development sector.


But let us tell you a bit more about us – information you won’t find anywhere else!


We are a group of passionate, skilled individuals with over 20 years combined experience in the development sector – working with NGOs, local charities, donors and government agencies.

We have dedicated our careers to improving the development sector in South Africa, and we’ve worked in countries around the world, including Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Nigeria, India, Jordan, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom.

We also have experience in a number of sectors, so you can draw directly on our professional expertise in any of these areas: Education, Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender, Human Rights, Community and Youth Development, Social Justice, Communication for Development and Humanitarian & Development Photography.

In addition to running the if i could… internship placement service, we also each have our own roles to play within the parent company, Creative Consulting & Development Works. CC&DW is a research, evaluation and communications consultancy, servicing nonprofits, governments and donors with innovative solutions within the development context.


Why do we place interns with South African NGOs?

Mia on her first day as an intern for the Development Action Group (DAG).

Mia on her first day as an intern for the Development Action Group (DAG).

We strongly believe that NGOs, our host organisations, benefit a great deal from international interns. You have a lot to offer our NGOs! Your educational background, work experience, passion and desire to explore the world all contribute to a sector that sometimes struggles to find and retain talented staff.

But, we know we can’t just find any intern and place them anywhere! We take care in understanding our interns’ career aspirations and experience, and matching this to the host organisations’ needs.

We have long-term relationships with a number of organisations who have hosted many if i could… interns over the years. Our interns have completed impressive and valuable projects for these NGOs, such as:

Grant writing, project planning and project implementation for LGBTQI organisation and their partners

Research and toolkit development for informal settlements as part of the National Upgrade Support Programme (NUSP)

Data collection and analysis of HIV/AIDS programmes and intervention strategies for high-profile HIV/AIDS organisation

Advocacy, research and report writing for LGBTQI organisation

Creating a statistical profile of various settlements and settlement types, mapping and needs-based analysis for a community development NGO


And our former interns have awesome things to say about their experiences – check it out!


“My internship was a great experience. These 6 months were so incredible! I learned a lot, shared a lot and received a lot as well. Just a BIG THANK YOU to if i could…, you rock with your work, keep making things great for all of us interns, and for your new interns coming as well… Keep shining. I am really willing to come back, one day you’ll receive a call :-)” – Mireille

“I feel I have learned how to adapt and work hard in a variety of settings.  It has made me more aware of global problems and I have learned new ways to help people in need. I feel it’s helped me appreciate how hard the South African people have fought (and are still fighting) for equality.” – Christian

“I was very eager to gain some extra practical experience in the realm of International development and if i could… matched me with a very good NGO. I would definitely recommend Cape Town as a destination to friends and family, I feel that it is a city which has something to offer everybody. In the field of International Development, I believe that it is a particularly great place to undertake an internship, due to the vibrancy of civil society here.” – Matthew

“I have always been interested in South African culture and if i could… seemed great. Upon arrival it was clear that it would be an incredible experience. I worked in Athlone and did a lot of field work in the townships. This was such an invaluable experience. I worked with an organisation on their anti-xenophobia campaign in areas like Nyanga, Khayelitsha, and Gugulethu. I saw incredible things, met inspiring people, and did some very important work.” – Alex


So now it’s time to see for yourself!

Spend some time on our website to learn more about if i could…, who we are, programme logistics, available internships, intern testimonials, our blog, or to contact us and apply!

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