Behaviour Change Communication


We offer a variety of behaviour change communication (BCC) internships with well-established, high-profile non-profit organisations in both Cape Town and New Delhi.

South Africa and India are marked by huge discrepancies in wealth, resources, and educational and career opportunities. Because of this, both countries aim to provide comprehensive, integrated, sustainable and quality social-development services, with the overall aim of creating an enabling environment for sustainable development in partnership with those committed to building a caring society. Working within a behaviour change communication framework is essential to develop communication strategies to promote positive behaviours which are appropriate to communities’ settings. This will allow for the development of a supportive environment which will enable people to initiate and sustain positive and desirable behaviour outcomes.

These are wonderful opportunities to learn about behaviour change communication while working in impoverished communities and developing your skills in the exciting, dynamic and rapidly growing development sector in Cape Town and New Delhi. Our mission is to harness the skills of interns as well as organisations and equip them with the skills needed to further pursue developmental goals.

Why You Should Consider a Behavior Change Communication Internship:

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