Community Outreach & Development


There are a range of internships available with this non-profit organisation which focuses on developing young leaders, empowering youth and building community. The organisation uses a specific music, dance and drama methodology to foster leadership skills, as well as spark mentorship and community support. The organisation supports 10,000+ children through camps, after-school programming, and HIV/AIDS counseling.

Candidate Requirements:

Can you assist this organisation in one of more of these areas?

Why You Should Consider a Community Outreach & Development Internship:

The work of this organisation is a great example of successful cooperative efforts between multinational contributors. The organisation’s work is important because they utilize the talents of volunteers to support a self-replicating model of leadership in the communities where they operate. They share responsibility for success of their programmes with their beneficiaries, incorporating them in programme development. This sense of accountability and self-directed leadership helps boost confidence in local communities.

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