A training session in progress

We offer Entrepreneurship internships with well-established, high profile non-profit organisations throughout New Delhi. These organisations bring solutions to the problems of poverty and high levels of unemployment in India in general and New Delhi in particular. They aim to educate the youth and women about entrepreneurship with the ultimate goal of allowing them to be financially independent. These organisations focus on the necessary skills individuals need in order to start, manage and sustain a business. Business development skills, how to source funding and effective marketing skills form part of the programmes offered by the organisations.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to share your business knowledge and skills to empower individuals with the passion for business and entrepreneurship. You will have the opportunity to impart your knowledge that benefits an entire community. Our mission is to harness the skills of interns as well as organisations and equip them with the skills needed to further pursue developmental goals.

Why You Should Consider an Entrepreneurship Internship:

  • Develop your understanding of global markets;
  • Develop your understanding of development in New Delhi;
  • Gain knowledge on new ways that can help communities around the world;
  • Useful for your future endeavours in business and trade;
  • Work with fellow and more experienced practitioners in the entrepreneurial field; and
  • An opportunity to solve real-world problems.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Self-motivated;
  • Passion for entrepreneurship;
  • Passionate about community development;
  • Some knowledge of the Indian economy;
  • Ability to work with diverse groups;
  • Willingness to learn and adapt to change;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Open minded individual;
  • Independent;
  • Goal oriented;
  • High level of commitment; and
  • Comfortable working in low-income communities.

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