Gender Advocacy & LGBTQI

Gender DynamiX staff at the AGM 2013

We have relationships with a few gender advocacy and LGBTQI organisations seeking interns to support in advocacy, research and communications.

The aim of the organisations is to focus on the transgender community and provide help, advise and information for those who seek to adjust their lives to live in the opposite gender role, as to that assigned to them at birth, or who are working to come to terms with their situation despite their genetic background. It is a space in which queers, intersex people, trans-men, non-trans women, non-trans men and other allies can have open dialogue and assist each other in their struggle to be recognised as full members of society. This movement professes that everyone has a right to define their own identities, even if that identity is not the status quo of society.

Candidate Requirements:

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Why You Should Consider a Gender Advocacy & LGBTQI Internship:

Although South Africa has one of the most liberal constitutions in the world with regards to LGBTQI rights, unfortunately the reality on the ground is a different story. Members of the LGBTQI community are not well-accepted or understood by the majority of South African society. Much of the country is still very traditional, and it is important for LGBTQI groups and organisations to be visible and vocal about LGBTQI-related issues and causes. Communications is an integral part of this, in order for an organisation to communicate their mission and values nationally and in turn for communities to more widely accept LGBTQI people.

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