Social Work


Children’s home in New Delhi for orphaned and disabled children

We offer social work internships with well-established, high-profile non-profit organisations in various sectors throughout New Delhi. In developing countries, it is necessary for government and organisations to take responsibility for guaranteeing equal opportunities to all citizens through social action and social development. Social workers play an integral part in uplifting India and they contribute significantly towards improving its social development.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about social issues affecting impoverished communities and to develop your skills in the exciting, dynamic and rapidly growing field of social work. Our mission is to harness the skills of interns as well as organisations and equip them with the skills needed to further pursue developmental goals.

Why You Should Consider a Social Work Internship:

  • Social workers are an integral component in India’s social development;
  • This internship will allow you to develop a strong practical and theoretical understanding of social work issues in New Delhi;
  • Work directly with communities who face social and economic challenges;
  • Gain experience by working alongside established New Delhi social workers;
  • Be exposed to new cultures and learn how it affects behaviours;
  • Be part of an opportunity to make a significant difference in peoples’ lives;
  • Participate in programmes that are on the frontline of the fight against domestic abuse, HIV/AIDS and other social problems; and
  • Work with dynamic and dedicated organisations.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Interest and experience in social work;
  • Self-motivated;
  • Enthusiastic;
  • Compassionate;
  • Good empathy and listening skills;
  • Ability to multi-task and work to deadlines;
  • Cross-cultural communication skills;
  • Ability to handle emotionally difficult situations;
  • Emotionally mature and self-directed;
  • Have some knowledge about the social and economic situation of New Delhi;
  • Comfortable working in low-income communities;
  • Independent;
  • Adaptable; and
  • Strong level of commitment.

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