Hosting an Intern

Hosting interns builds your organisation’s capacity to manage volunteer staff effectively, and demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to cost-saving and efficiency.

Many non-profit organisations (NPOs) are realising the value of providing internship opportunities to international graduates and undergraduates. Internships are a valuable way of accessing the skills and expertise of passionate young people who want to gain hands-on work experience and contribute to a better world.

At if i could… our main aim is to ensure that learning takes place and that our interns meet the needs of their host organisation and contribute to an active and vibrant civil society.

if i could…‘s Cape Town and New Delhi host organisations work in a variety of development sectors, including but not limited to: Youth & Community Development, Education, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Refugee Issues and Human Rights. These NGOs are leaders in their respective fields and passionate about transformation, social development and social discovery.


Join our network of host organisations!

  • Work with our dedicated team of professionals
  • No fee required, and limited administration
  • Set the specifications of the internship
  • Set the timeframe required (usually 3+ months)
  • Work with a skilled and career-oriented intern
  • See quality results and watch your programme grow!

What if i could… does for you

Host organisations are not required to pay for the placement of an if i could… intern nor provide them with a salary. Interns will work for their host organisation on a purely voluntary basis. Additionally, there is no administration required of the host organisation – if i could… manages the whole process!

Our skilled and career-oriented interns are experienced in their fields of interest and have a high degree of personal responsibility. We are experts in placing these students and graduates with organisations that reflect their interests and nurture their passions, fostering a successful and fruitful relationship for both parties.


It is important that the host organisation is well-prepared to integrate and manage your intern while they are working for you. Work with our dedicated team of professionals to determine a clear job description, detailing your intern’s actual roles and responsibilities. Remember that interns need the working space, tools, resources, support and connections to deliver their work.


“Our intern needed very limited supervision, was respected by colleagues and considered a valuable member of the DAG team. He is passionate about urban development and his time here deepened his knowledge and appreciation of issues pertaining to the sector.” – Helen Macgregor, Programme Coordinator, Urban Planning & Housing Organisation

“Thank you for sending the intern’s information to me. I agree that her background is well suited for our project. We have really fantastic reports of the interns you have provided and I would be very happy to have her on board!” – Philip Smith, Mobile Services Project Leader, HIV/AIDS Advocacy and Treatment Organisation

“You are absolutely wonderful to work with and your service is nothing but exemplary. Thank you so much for all the wonderful support not only to our organisation, but the interns that have been with us.” – Cat Rieper, Chief Operating Officer, Arts Education Organisation

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