Is this Internship Programme for You?

if i could… places international students and graduates in meaningful positions at reputable, registered non-profit organisations in Cape Town, South Africa and New Delhi, India. Interns gain valuable real-life work experience, benefit from personal coaching sessions, and can arrange for academic credit from their own universities and colleges. You don’t need to have studied in a development-related field, as many non-profit organisations require a range of skills and expertise in other organisational area such as finance, marketing and information technology. Find out more about what makes our internships different and what you stand to gain from them, here »

The Costs

What are the costs?

The programme costs are $1,595 USD, which includes your $300 USD deposit. Find out more about how it works »

Your fee includes:

  • Internship placement with NGO
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Airport transfers
  • Orientation
  • Cape Town/New Delhi info pack
  • Language classes
  • Intern outings
  • Personalised coaching sessions
  • In-country support

Programme fee does not include:

  • Airfare
  • Accommodation costs or living expenses
  • Health or traveler’s insurance
  • Visas

Time Period

How long is an Internship?

As we customise each experience to suit the needs of both the intern and host organisation, internships may differ in duration. In order to optimise your specialised experience, we recommend a minimum stay of 12 weeks. However, any reasonable time-frame can be arranged. As the work is unpaid, interns from the USA, Canada and some other countries will qualify for a free 3-month Tourist Visa. Those interested in an internship longer than 12 weeks can apply for a Volunteer Visa.

The if i could... experience

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