What and why?

What makes our internships different?

We are development practitioners with decades of cumulative experience in a broad range of global contexts. We bring extensive networks in the development sector and have long-standing relationships with our host organisations, and we leverage these connections, relationships and networks on your behalf.

Why do an if i could… internship?

Jump Start Your Career

You will get hands-on, practical experience, and an opportunity to make a difference on the issues you care about. You will leave with an expanded skill set, and more clarity in your long-term professional goals. In addition you will have expert coaching sessions to help guide you, and experiences and tools that distinguish you in a competitive job market, and make your resume stand out from the rest.

Adventure & Experience

An international internship gives you the opportunity to gain advantageous career experience, but also to learn about and interact with diverse cultures and individuals. It will challenge you, and give you the chance to push yourself to explore new places, activities and ideas.

Create Change

One of the most unique aspects of our internship programme is that all your efforts are geared towards creating positive change. We place interns with reputable development organisations that strive to change unjust conditions and improve the quality of disadvantaged people’s lives. And you get to experience the rewards of being part of these efforts.

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